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about the school

Our Philosophy
We believe that people of all ages and all levels of ability should have the opportunity to dance in a positive environment. Our goal is to provide quality dance education in a structured setting, allowing all students to fulfill their potentials as dancers. Through dance, children, as well as adult students, can gain physical coordination and strength, self-discipline, and motivation. We hope to share with our students a love of dance, to engage them in a process which is not only educational but also fun and exciting.

Our Director
Caitlin Clark has been dancing since the age of 3 and teaching for the last 23 years. Prior to teaching she gained experience with dance instruction and education through numerous competitions and conventions. She served as Administrative Assistant and Assistant Director for Toni Wright's Dance Theatre.

Caitlin has also taught dance at Onondaga Community College's College For Kids Program, as well as several other dance programs.

In addition to her dance training, Caitlin Clark earned her Bachelor's degree in Child and Family Studies from Syracuse University in 2002. The knowledge she gained through her degree program, as well as several field placements, has allowed her to develop a greater understanding of early childhood development, which has enriched her work in the dance classroom. [Caitlin's Resume ]

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Our Facility
Caitlin Clark's Centre of Dance is conveniently located on Horan Road (right off of Milton Avenue) in Syracuse, NY. We have over 5000 sq. ft. of space, including 3 large classrooms, changing area, waiting room, rest rooms, and more. You can also find The Perfect Pointe dance shop just inside our front door; the store is open to the public and offers one-stop-shopping for dance shoes, attire, and accessories.



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